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Propel S1 Specifications

Propulsive power: 7.35 kW
Propulsive thrust: 1.84 kN
Comparable petrol outboards: 25 HP
Maximum overall efficiency: 62.1 %
Maximum propeller speed: 1440 RPM
Standard propeller: 4-blade 13"

Motor: Saietta Axial Flux Permanent Magnet AC brushless motor
Power: 10 kW continuous power
Nominal DC voltage: 48V
Controller: integrated, automotive quality, with vector current control

Motor with high peak efficiency & broad efficiency map
Low & safe voltage
Fully sealed motor and controller
Closed loop cooling for enduring continuous performance
Works with various battery technologies and suppliers

Total weight in kg: 46.8 (S) / 50 (L) / 53.2 (XL)
Shaft length in cm: 38.5 (S) / 51.2 (L) / 63.9 (XL)
Tilt Angle: 60°
Trim device: Manual, 4-step
Trim angles: 0°, 6°, 12°, 18°, 24°
Steering Angle: 46°

Versions: Tiller or top mount control
Steering: Provision to connect to standard remote steering
Tiller: forward/reverse drive in single movement
Display: sunlight readable and waterproof display
Key: electronic key that doubles as the kill switch
Connectivity: Bluetooth

Everything you need to know about pre-ordering

Want to be at the forefront of the next step for marine electric propulsion? Here’s what you need to know: We’ll be finalizing the development of the Propel S1 over the upcoming months, and will keep you updated with news and features as the outboard motor comes to life.

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At launch, the Propel S1 outboards will only be available in selected European markets. These include the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. The first deliveries to consumers are expected to start by Spring of 2022 and will take place on a first come, first served basis.

We will gradually ramp up the production and open other markets after summer 2022.

Subscribe to the Propel newsletter if you like to receive news and updates from us.

Your pre-order is fully refundable and may be cancelled at any time.

When we close in to the shipment date, you’ll be invited to complete the payment transaction to secure and finalize your order for the Propel S1.

Here you can read our full pre-order terms & conditions.